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My name is Celine Soulard and on July 2010 I will embark on a 7 month cycling journey from Tajikistan to Nepal. This adventure will take me to some of the most challenging and beautiful roads in the world. I am also undertaking this journey to raise funds for the Mary A. Tidlund Charitable Foundation in support of the Ladakh Project (Health inc). I encourage you to subscribe to my blog to follow me in this great adventure. I will share with you in this blog stories and photos on a regular basis and hope to inspire you to contribute to the Ladakh Project.

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June 30, 2010

Ladybug in British Columbia: warm up ride

Hello everyone,

My last week in Calgary has been very frantic, as it should be! Trying to get organized and ready for 7 months on the road is always an interesting time, to say the least! On my very last day in Calgary I had my bike at Campione to resolve some gear issues (a big thanks to James) and I was still running around at MEC buying the last few items!

Thanks to Monica, my guest, I didn’t starve at my going away party....I was late for my own party! When I got home the table was full of beautifully prepared foods. Most of you know how useless I am in a kitchen, so needless to say that Monica’s help was hugely appreciated.  Also, a big thanks to all my neighbours and friends who took the time to come to say goodbye. It was nice to relax in good company for my last evenng in Calgary.

The next morning I had a nice walk with Tashi and then I had to say goodbye to my girl. It wasn’t easy. She was laying down on the floor and gave me her best Golden Retriever sad look. It didn’t take more than that.....I will miss her like crazy, but she will be fine.

Before I left I weighed all my gear and loaded my bike for a short spin.  To my surprise I had 80 lbs of gear, before water, fuel and food! So when I am on the road I will be riding with about 90 lbs on the bike at all times. Add to this 35 pounds for the bike and I am sure you can imagine the rest! On my previous trip I was carrying about 50 to 60 lbs because I was sharing some of the camping items with my partner and I didn’t have as many warm clothes and of course I didn’t carry photography equipment! So my theory is that instead of getting rid of my camera to reduce my load, I will try to lose some weight instead!!!

I have been riding here on Vancouver and Salt Spring Islands with my friend John. Today I am on Denman island. So far my knee is doing well. I am trying not to push it too hard and keep my RPM up but it is not easy to keep it up on a 10% hill with 90 lbs on the bike  I have limited the distances to about 60km per day to make sure I don’t tax my body too much the first week.

Tonight I will celebrate Canada day and my birthday in a small and very cool cafe/hostel on Denman island. There will be live music, good food, wine and maybe some dancing. As usual this wasn’t planned but it was just there for me 

Tomorrow I will be heading to Comox and over to the Sunshine coast for the next few days. It is very nice to be on my bike again. Life is very simple on the bike and every day I have the chance to meet some nice people. All the stress of the past few months is slowly going away.

I wish you all a Happy Canada day

Celine and Ladybug (the bike!)

Last day with "my girl"

Good time at the beach - Vancouver Island

Sunset Beaver Point - Salt Spring Island

Peaceful evening - Vancouver Island

Evening light - Vancouver Island

Evening Rainbow - Vancouver Island

Canada Day - Denman Island

1 comment:

Fred Bouwman said...


Leaving Tashi has to be the hardest thing but just imagine how excited she will be when you come back, the 7 months will all be forgotten.

I am leaving Bermuda in a week and will be leaving for Ireland on August 3rd so we will both be on the road at the same time, a few thousand miles apart though.

I will continue to follow your progress as I am heading in that direction.

I'm excited for you and understand the mad scramble to wrap things up.