Welcome to Freewheeling across the Himalayas

Le voyage est un retour vers l'essentiel (proverbe tibetain)


My name is Celine Soulard and on July 2010 I will embark on a 7 month cycling journey from Tajikistan to Nepal. This adventure will take me to some of the most challenging and beautiful roads in the world. I am also undertaking this journey to raise funds for the Mary A. Tidlund Charitable Foundation in support of the Ladakh Project (Health inc). I encourage you to subscribe to my blog to follow me in this great adventure. I will share with you in this blog stories and photos on a regular basis and hope to inspire you to contribute to the Ladakh Project.

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Mary A. Tidlund Charitable Foundation

The Mary A. Tidlund Charitable foundation was created in 1998.  The foundation identifies, financially supports, and participates in medical and educational programs in Canada and overseas. The foundation also has a mandate to alleviate poverty.

At this time the Foundation financially supports over 25 projects locally and internationally. The Ladakh Project is one of them.

Health inc., a private not-for-profit, non-government organization (NGO), in concert with US, Canadian and Indian registered charities, facilitates grass roots initiatives in health, nutrition and education in remote villages throughout the Ladakh region of the Himalayas.

Our projects adhere to 4 principles:
  • The beneficiaries are partners in the work: they design, implement and evaluate work according to their own needs and goals
  • We train local interns to continue our work in the future
  • We provide universal access to information and education
  • We share our successes through ‘frameworks’ which other NGOs can copy freely
The money raised during my cycling journey will be directed towards specific programs:

  • Mental Health: Training health professionals and the general public on mental health issues; and providing access to medications, trained psychiatrists, and village-based care for the thousands suffering with mental illnesses in Ladakh. Support the opening of the first Paediatric Handicapped Unit at the District Government Hospital in Leh, Ladakh and the training of its health professionals.
  • Graduate degree Scholarships: Funding to help interns obtain their 4th year and completion at university. US $200/IRS9,000.
  • Social Entrepreneur training and business start up loans: Funding to 3 social enterprises (The Zanskar Light Group - manufacturing and servicing solar lanterns, The Ability Network - disabled girls' and women's agricultural product processing and marketing,  and finally Kids’ Co-ops - Residential School greenhouses). Funding helps young people participate in village-based training and start their own businesses, which in turn helps the hundreds living in their remote villages. US $200 / IRS 9,000/ for individuals and US $500/ IRS 18,000 for group start ups.
  • Health Professional Training: Funding for two HI interns wishing to obtain advanced medical training certificates in working with disabled children at the HI-sponsored Paediatric Handicapped Unit at Sonam Norboo Memorial District Government Hospital, Leh. US$1,200 / IRS 55,000 pays for the full one-year training course

Thank you very much